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What Is In Your Water?

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We have all seen the news reports, whole communities affected by contaminated water, and it is not just Flint Michigan.  In fact 41 states have reported Action Level Exceedance for Lead in the last 3 years. (CNBC March 24, 2016)  That means testing has shown lead levels higher than those deemed safe by the EPA in at least one municipal water supply in all but 9 states in the US.  The good news is that here in Columbia and the surrounding areas we have a stable and safe municipal water supply.  What is troubling is that the city is only responsible for the water quality to your water meter, from the street to your faucet is your responsibility.  Old pipes and fixtures including copper pipes and fittings installed before 1986 and brass fittings and fixtures installed before 2014 can all be sources of contaminants such as lead and copper in the water your family uses every day. Learn more about LEAD IN WATER.

The other problem for many of our customers are the very chemicals used to insure the safe delivery of water.  Even minimal levels of Chlorine and Chloramines (commonly used in this area to disinfect the water supply) for many people are not just unpleasant but cause skin rashes, eye irritation and gastrointestinal discomfort.  For some these reactions can be severe.

To help you find out what is in your water Culligan is offering free standard water tests to everyone in the Columbia area.  In addition to our “No Obligation in Home Water Analysis” we are now offering the standard water tests in our office (click VISIT US for directions).  Just collect a 16oz water sample in a clean container from your kitchen or bathroom tap and we will test your water for common problems for free.  We can also test your water for lead for just $35.  That is less than half of the normal fee for lead tests.  Results will be ready in 10 to 14 business days or less and they will be explained to you by a trained Culligan Water Specialist.

So why wait?  This summer let Culligan help you find out “What is in Your Water”!

Learn more about lead and other contaminants that may affect your water here – PROBLEM WATER