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This Summer Culligan Offers Drop off Water Tests!


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Culligan of Mid Missouri is committed to provide reliable, up-to-date information to the community about their water. With all the recent attention tap water has received we have decided to offer, for a limited time only, our full standard water test to everyone in Columbia and the surrounding areas for FREE!   Learn the basics of the tap water you and your family rely on every day.  How much chlorine is in it?  Is there iron in it?  Is hardness an issue due to ionized minerals in your water?  Learn all this and more for free! Also, if you are in an older home or have never had your water checked for lead, we can test for that.  The Lead Test is regularly $75. But this summer we will test your water for lead for just $35. and it will take just 10 to 12 business days!! Now that is a service to the community that we all can appreciate.  So call today or better yet stop by with your 16oz sample and say Hey Culligan Man!.. What is In My Water?!!  Learn More…