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Well water, problem water, iron and rust in water are common water problems that make life at home a real mess when you have well water.  As with anything good things are never cheap and cheap things are never good.  Would you rather do it wrong many times or do you want to do it right the 1st  time with Culligan.  Nobody knows problem water and well water better than Culligan.  If you have iron in your well water you need to have Culligan provide a free water test.  Throwing a softener on the problem is not the solution when you don’t have your water properly tested before applying treatment. Bad tasting water, water smells, chlorine or other unpleasant items are gone with a Culligan drinking water system and our advanced well water systems.  Both are designed to handle many different water challengesCulligan offers you many ways of improving your water.  You can choose our Culligan drinking water system, water softener systems, bottled water or one of our bottle-free water cooler systems.  A Culligan water filter and water filter system basically make bottled water at home or your office.  It’s slightly different but it’s pretty much bottled water quality.  Culligan water softeners are rated #1 by our customers for both quality and support.  No other water conditioner or water softener has the Culligan man backing it. And for bottled water at your home or office  we have our 5 gallon bottled water service or you can use a Culligan bottle-free water cooler so you can have unlimited water for a low flat price.

So remember Culligan has an affordable water solution for bottled water, water delivery, water softener systems and water filter systems.  Water delivery is fast, simple and reliable.  Water softener systems make your home water a luxury.  There is nothing you can do in your home that does not involve water and hard water finds it’s way on you and everything you touch.  Just because your water is clear does not mean it is clean.  And you can’t get clean if your water is dirty.  A Culligan water softener system and a Culligan drinking water system are what you need to solve all your water problems.

Culligan of Mid Missouri brings you the best products on the market for ensuring that the water you drink and use every day is exactly what you want…clean, pure and cost-saving.

Our systems are effective and reliable. You’ll experience the benefits of choosing Culligan products every time you shower, cook a meal, or clean your clothes.

But using a powerful tool like the ones we offer is not enough. These products are literally integrated into your home and daily life.

We’ve earned the trust of thousands of customers. They welcome us into their homes to install and maintain the products they’ve chosen.

And our customer don’t choose their products alone.

Your water supply isn’t the same as your friends’ who use well water. The pipes in “this old house” aren’t like the ones in the new construction around the corner. And your family size and use patterns simply aren’t like your neighbor’s. Your needs are different.

That’s why we analyze and then tailor the products you deploy. With Culligan of Mid Missouri you’ll have a reliable and customized configuration that does the job and saves you money.


Culligan of MidMissouri backs everything we sell with expert service as well as the best warranties in the business. Should anything ever go wrong with our equipment we will be there to fix it. Our commitment to your peace of mind includes 7day’s a week 24 hours a day 365 day’s of the year live phone answering in case there may be an emergency we could solve for you.

We are the only dedicated water treatment organization that offers this kind of peace of mind to our customer base!

Provided services:

  • Home and office water treatment.
  • Home and Office delivery of bottled water.
  • Commercial and industrial water treatment.
  • Laboratory grade water for hospitals and labs all over the state.
  • Salt delivery to your home or office.
  • Repair, maintenance and installation of all brands of equipment.
  • De-ionized portable exchange service.
  • Personalized small pack bottled water with your inforamtion on the label.

We have a highly skilled team of installers and technicians whose commitment to excellence in service is not comparable to any other service company in mid Missouri. At Culligan we still believe and commit to old fashion service and customer satisfaction. As a customer your needs are our top priority.

When you sign up for service with our company we will apply all of our abilities and knowledge to your specific needs. We also offer convenient in house and third party laboratory testing to ensure we understand what exactly is in your water. With each service call we test your water to provide you with the piece of mind you need about the continued quality of your water. Please remember we service all brands of water treatment equipment.

Just call  573-874-6147 or 800-648-7638 and say…