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How We Make Culligan Water

Culligan of Mid Missouri is the largest producer of premium drinking water in our multi-state region. Our plant operates five days a week, often more during peak usage periods and during water emergencies. We have been bottling water at our current location in Columbia Missouri since 1992 and follow all FDA food handling and IBWA water production regulations. We have never had an adverse inspection nor have we ever been cited for any regulatory infractions such as improper handling procedures, improper processes, or contaminations.

While the process begins with municipal water as its source, the final product is far from anything resembling the tap water you get from your faucet. The finished water we bottle and deliver to our customers has gone through 7 distinct production stages and numerous quality checks and controls. In very real terms the only thing left in our water from the municipal source is H2O – Pure water. Read on to see how we do it –

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