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Culligan Mid Missouri Achieves the Excellence in Manufacturing Award… Again!

Congratulations are again due our Production Manager Chad Stretz and our Lead Bottler Josh Bell, and all the production and warehouse staff for achieving this notable award.  Each year our Bottled Water Production Facility is required to undergo an extensive inspection to independently verify the consistent quality and safety of our premium bottled drinking water.  This mandatory inspection is required by the International Bottled Water Association and is conducted by NSF International to ensure that all FDA guidelines for proper food handling and production are strictly adhered to.  The inspectors scrutinize every aspect of our facility and our production.  From the parking lot to the bottle capper and everywhere in between, they check, test and recheck for consistency and cleanliness.  In addition, all of our testing procedures and record keeping methods are analyzed to make sure that when we say Culligan Drinking Water is the best water for your home or office – It’s true.

Once again this year Chad and Josh have gone above the requirements by exceeding the FDA guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices achieving the highest mark – Excellence in Manufacturing.  So next time you go to the cooler for a cool glass of delicious Culligan Water you can be sure that each sip is not only the best tasting drinking water, but it is consistently the highest quality drinking water you and your family can enjoy, every day, year after year.  Great Job Guys!

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