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Drinking Water Systems

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Good clean drinking water is essential to everyone’s health. A Culligan Drinking Water System provides a smart, convenient way to make sure everyone in your home or office has easy access to the clean, healthy water they need. In fact, many families find that with delicious Culligan water at home, their kids drink fewer sugary soft drinks.

Culligan has lead the way in water treatment solutions both large and small for decades.  We pioneered the use of reverse osmosis technology for the home and we continue to make critical advances in technology to bring you the best available compact drinking water systems.

A Culligan reverse osmosis drinking water system not only saves you money over single use bottled water, it greatly reduces your environmental impact by eliminating the clutter and waste of all those bottles added to the waste stream each year.

In addition to enjoying by the glass, Culligan water is ideal for everything you make with water including:

Coffee and Tea House Plants Pets
Cooking Soup Steam Irons
Baby formula Ice Cubes Juice and Drink Mixes

Here’s an Overview of Our Current Drinking Water Systems

Learn more about How Reverse Osmosis Works

For a No Obligation Water Analysis and a complete review of the Culligan Drinking Water Solutions that fit your unique needs call 1-800-648-7638 or locally 573-874-6147